Greg Macpherson
Democrat for State Senate, District 19

Why I'm Running

I am seeking the Senate seat for District 19 because of my experience, commitment to public service, and passion for progressive values.

Chief among those values is protection of the environment. It is not enough to simply stop bad legislation, though that is important. We need action on climate change, the greatest threat facing the planet. We also must protect Oregonians from toxins in the air and in consumer products and continue cleaning up our waterways. I will be an environmental champion.

Another core value is the fairness of our justice system. While we do need to protect the public from wrongdoers, criminal justice relies too heavily on mandatory prison sentences. We provide too little treatment for the addictions that are at the root of a lot of crime. And those sentences fall unfairly on low income persons and communities of color. We also need to assure the fairness of civil justice, providing legal remedies to those who have been harmed.

I am a committed supporter of public education and human services to the mentally ill and other vulnerable populations. The state’s fiscal situation prevents us from funding these adequately. We must access the revenue sources necessary to avoid further decline in the quality of essential public services. Failure to do so will damage the quality of life for all Oregonians.

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